Romance knows no time limits. Inspired by the love story, we created a service «Flower concierge» that allows you to pre-order delivery of flowers and gifts for their relatives and friends.

«Flower concierge» is your new personal assistant who will remind you of the main thing and help to express attention and care towards those you love.

With this service, just a couple of steps you decide to question congratulations dear person for a whole year! Using the service, you can choose individual bouquets, based on your preferences, one-time pay for flowers and gifts on a fixed cost, as well as to determine in advance its budget for the selected period. We, in turn, will remember special dates in the life of your loved relatives and friends and send them your greetings in time.

«Flower concierge» service will help you always on time to congratulate people close to you. Now you do not need to keep in mind the different dates and events – we will do it for you.

The service «Concierge»

Our versatile Assistant will assist you in choosing a gift, 100% prepayment, and the presence of a photo or article goods, buys and brings together a bunch desired from any store of our city. Also deliver balloons, to do everything to the angel, polar bear, clown, transformers, Darth Vader and many other characters presented our bouquet and cheer up the recipient. Impressions and memories of pleasant surprises remain in memory forever!

 «Turnkey» gift

There is no need to waste time in search of the perfect gift for mother, daughter, sister, colleague, beloved, beloved. You discuss cost issues, preferences and desired with our manager and we offer ready-made solutions! A lot of presents at once, for every taste and budget. Although no, not gifts, but amenities, just beautiful little things that warm the soul.

Make a flower service concierge is very simple:

  1. You need to choose your favorite bouquets and arrangements on our website.
  2. In the notes specify a date, delivery address and telephone number of each recipient.
  3. Pay for your order on the site.

After receiving your order, we will:

  1. We contact you and clarify the details.
  2. We buy flowers specifically for your order.
  3. We will remind you about the upcoming congratulation and on the results of the delivery will send you a report.


  1. You one-time pay bouquets and compositions at a fixed price!
  2. You resolved the issue with your loved relatives a greeting for the year ahead!

How the «floral concierge» works:

Step 1 You choose the dates of congratulations.

Step 2 A one-time pay congratulations for the whole year.

Step 3We will make and deliver bouquets on the indicated days.

Step 4 You receive a report after delivery